Free Color Consultation

Stuck on what colors to use for your project?

Einsteins Painting Company has years of experience in the residential and commercial painting industry. With our free color consultation, you can make the right color and finish decision for your space.

Scroll down for some helpful color suggestions as you prepare for a new paint job.

Free Color Consultation Tips

Experiment. If you aren’t sure what colors suit your needs, try painting an accent wall or powder room with the colors you’re considering. You’ll be able to see what the color looks like and make a real-world decision to move forward.

Set the Mood. If you’re painting a bedroom, bright oranges and yellows might not be the best idea. Think about the purpose of the room – relaxing, socializing, eating, etc. – and choose colors that will complement that purpose. Neutral and cool colors usually reinforce a quieter feeling, while stronger, bolder colors encourage excitement.

Use the Light. Lighting can have a strong effect on the way color is perceived. For example, bold colors in a room that receives lots of sunlight will appear brighter than an area with indirect or artificial light.

Learn the Language. Understanding terms like hue (a painter’s word for color) value (lightness or darkness of the hue) and intensity (brilliance of the color) will make it easier to communicate what you want to your painter.

Explore the Space. Depending on your taste, strong or deep colors can work well as an accent or primary hue to liven up an area. And don’t limit your thinking to the walls – changing the color of the ceiling can dramatically reshape the look of a room.

Consider the Flow. Each room in your home is part of a whole. When you’re in one room, you’ll be able to see into others, and walking from room to room should create a natural, colorful progression.

Trust the Wheel. A color wheel is an easy way to visualize how colors will look together. You can use it to pair warm and cool colors, see how colors complement each other and more.

Simple is Powerful. Choosing a monochromatic paint scheme with stark, contrasting accents can be striking. Try one color in different finishes, or closely related colors, with a warmer or cooler accent that complements your main hue.

Finish Strong. Different paint finishes on walls and trim can create texture and visual interest within a single color. Satin, matte and semi-gloss will create subtle differences on each surface. This look works well in rooms with relatively little wall area, or many doors and windows.